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PLM Dashboards

WIT was proud to be a partner at the Siemens PLM Connections conference in May where we shared innovative analytics solutions using Teamcenter data with Siemens users.

Self-Service Data Discovery with Qlik | Partner Session

Most business software applications have built-in reporting and data visualization features, but more often than not, those features are enabled in a one-size-fits-all model, seldom providing the detail and flexibility to satisfy data exploration needs. Teamcenter falls into this category.
This session is an introduction to how Teamcenter data can be exposed using a world-class data visualization software tool called Qlik. The session will include product basics, how business users can create their own dashboards in a self-service context, and will include practical examples with Teamcenter data.

WIT is an Elite Qlik Solution Provider, Qlik allows business users to visualize and surface their data from multiple sources. Our team of expert consultants help our customers unlock their data more effectively with custom data discovery dashboards. Whether they need to be built from the ground up, or you are looking to optimize the performance of your existing environment - we can help you see the whole story your data has to tell.

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Due to the competitive nature of the global automotive manufacturing industry, suppliers are required to design and maintain nimble business processes that change often. The challenges of the industries dynamic change management processes poses many opportunities for improvement of data management and analytics. 


  • Unlock change management data that is tucked away in complex systems
  • Improve global visibility to the drivers of change, whether they are initiated by customers, suppliers, or internal resources 
  • Improve ability to track and investigate revenue and expense management opportunities related to change 
  • Provide world-class analytics at enterprise level 

With assistance from WIT and Qlik, global manufacturing suppliers with dynamic change management processes are able to connect every core business system and build fit-for-purpose dashboards. 

Manufacturing Dashboard Solutions: 

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
  • Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
  • Product Planning
  • Part/Component Quality
  • Plant Quality
  • Product Warranty

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Customer Feedback

CAA-SCO, Emilio Rojas-Silva, Manager of Business Solutions

CAA-SCO Case Study (PDF)

"As a result of using QlikView (through WIT), employees who were once unfamiliar with Business Intelligence now have the information they need at their fingertips."

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