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Attivio's unified information access platform, the Active Intelligence Engine™ (AIE), redefines the business impact of our customers' information assets so they can quickly seize opportunities, solve critical challenges and fulfill their strategic vision. Attivio correlates disparate silos of structured data and unstructured content in ways never before possible. Offering both intuitive search capabilities and the power of SQL, AIE seamlessly integrates with existing BI and big data tools to reveal insight that matters, through the access method that best suits each user's technical skills and business priorities. AIE is a single unified information access platform to:

  • Integrate information of any type (structured, unstructured), in any format, from any repository, inside or outside the enterprise
  • Correlate information across sources at query time, so the system is agile and retains data relationships
  • Access information at any level - document/record, thumbnail, aggregate/trend - using search or your preferred BI & data visualization tool via our SQL capabilities
  • Analyze content & data from all silos of information

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Customer Feedback

CAA-SCO, Emilio Rojas-Silva, Manager of Business Solutions

CAA-SCO Case Study (PDF)

"As a result of using QlikView (through WIT), employees who were once unfamiliar with Business Intelligence now have the information they need at their fingertips."

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