Digital Transformation Summit

2019 Great Lakes Digital Transformation Summit Agenda 

2019 Agenda

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Presented by: Joe Chung, Enterprise Cloud Strategist at AWS

In his opening keynote, Joe will share insights on how Amazon organizes for innovation and he will take a deep dive into the four key aspects: Culture, Mechanisms, Architecture, and People. Amazon seeks to invent on behalf of their customers to create delightful experiences, and this keynote with inspire some ideas of how your company can adopt the ways Amazon implements digital innovation.

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Moderated by: Chad Livengood, Senior Editor at Crain’s Detroit Business

Featuring Michael Timm, Director of IT of Oakland County, Jako van Blerk, CIO of Macomb County, and Carlos Perez, CIO of Wayne County

The closing keynote will be a discussion panel featuring the CIO's from Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland County. The executives will discuss some of the challenges and opportunities local governments serving a million or more citizens face when it comes to security, infrastructure, and digital access to county services.

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Transformation Leadership Sessions

Technology drives the business

Presented by Linglong He, Quicken Loans

Digital transformation has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate and think about the value they deliver. In this talk, Linglong He, Chief Information Officer, will share how Quicken Loans has disrupted an industry all while continuing to deliver award-winning client service.

The Industry 4.0 Trends that Matter

Presented by Jerry Foster, Plex Systems

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the way manufacturers do business. In this talk from Jerry Foster, CTO of cloud manufacturing software leader Plex Systems, we will talk about which revolution-related tech trends you should be paying attention to, which ones we believe hold the true promise of Industry 4.0 based on our work with hundreds of manufacturers, and what this means for your business.

How Industrial Companies Capitalize On Digital Transformation

Presented by Bob Brincheck, PTC

Businesses will invest nearly $1.2 trillion on Digital Transformation in 2019 according to the IDC Worldwide Digital Transformation Spending Guide. Per IDC, industrial companies like discreet and process manufacturers will account for almost 30% of that investment. PTC works with these industrial companies to plan and successfully execute their digital transformation strategies. In this session we will share use case examples, best practices, and critical success factors developed with the companies using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to transform their business models and operations.    

Creating an Effective Digital Solutions Program

Presented by Mark Fisher & Brittany Lennox, General Motors

In this session, learn how General Motors has developed an effective Digital Solutions program to drive automation, enable analytics, and test and deploy emerging technologies.

Process Automation Sessions

Need for Speed: How we doubled our speed of delivery without doubling our team

Presented by Sireesha Mandeva and Brad johnson, greenpath financial

Resource limitations are a reality in the IT world. Greenpath is no exception. We challenged the status quo and approached these limitations with an opportunity mindset. We will share our thought process, findings and the solutions we selected to put people, not technology, at the heart of our process.

Driving Efficiencies in Automotive: RPA for Accounts Payable/Receivable processing

Presented by Dorothee Baas, Stant

Discover how Stant uses RPA to streamline their Accounts Payable 3-way Matching and Accounts Receivable Invoicing processes, resulting in positive cash flow impact, reduced invoice backlog, a refocused Finance team, and improved Management Pareto/Analysis. Dorothee Baas shares her insights from Stant’s RPA journey that includes Lessons Learned and tips for a Path to Success!

Building Strong Foundations in a Connected World

Presented by Charlie Dahlstrom, Motivity Technologies

The Industrial Internet of Things is revolutionizing manufacturing. Connecting assets throughout the industrial value chain provides complete operational visibility to allow for real-time decision making and improved levels of quality and efficiency as well as new service opportunities. In addition, emerging technologies and smart devices on the plant floor have resulted in a greater need to improve IT resource utilization, increase commonality between tools and plants, and increase data quality. Manufacturers need the ability to stay flexible within all layers of the application architecture: not just from inside their applications, but from the factory floor side as well.

A Paradigm Shift; From Process Mapping to Enterprise Performance Acceleration

Presented by brandon zeerip, Celonis

Inside your company is a better version of itself trying to get out. It’s an enormous opportunity – an opportunity to turn complexity into simplicity, broken processes into seamless experiences, friction into flow. Discover how to become a superfluid enterprise and how enterprise performance acceleration is becoming mainstream thanks to Celonis – the company that pioneered the process mining space and has been named the market leader in process mining for each year of Gartner’s report on process mining. Witness an overview of process mining, how the technology works, customer stories, a live demo of our platform and why half the Fortune 500 has already joined forces with Celonis.

Analytics Sessions

Ensuring your dashboards are providing the proper value

Presented by Andrew Gissal, iDashboards & Chris Adam, Syncreon

Gartner predicts that “By 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency." At the intersection of information and analytics comes the power of a dashboard to transform your data and make the most out of your business decisions. If your dashboards are delivering outstanding value to your organization, they can earn the respect of the business and drive your digital transformation. So how do you measure the success of your company dashboards and ensure the proper value?

Join the conversation of what makes a dashboard project successful. Hear from Andrew Gissal, who works with customers to promote dashboards to be effective, beyond simply the provisioning of data; alongside Chris Adam, who has successfully implemented and enhanced the use of dashboards within Syncreon and its partners.

Transforming Raw Data into Results

Presented by Lindsey Turcotte, Qlik

Join Qlik to learn how we bring augmented intelligence and democratize data to drive data literacy and power analytics in your organization. We will dive into Qlik’s latest additions to our product suite – Insights Bot and Qlik Data Catalyst. Learn how to bring your end users a faster and easier way to ask questions, generate insights, and make data-driven decisions using the Qlik platform.

digitizing plan safety data

Presented by Vince McCoy, WIT

In this session, Vince McCoy, Principal Consultant from WIT will demonstrate the process to gather disparate safety information and prepare that data for a visually descriptive dashboard. See how world-class data blending software can be used to fast-path an elegant, insight-ready dashboard.

Explore the FUTURe of Data with the Alation Data Catalog

Presented by Tassia Reinhold, Alation

Siloed data spread across disparate systems means data analysis is often slow and inaccurate and tribal knowledge looms large in our organizations today. Combining the power of a democratized effort assisted by machine learning, Alation helps our customers break down these data silos allowing them to deliver better results faster.

Join us to learn how the Alation data catalog makes it easier to find, understand, trust, use and re-use data throughout your organization.

Cloud Sessions

Best Practices for Securely Moving Workloads Into the Cloud

Presented by Tony Goulding, Centrify

As organizations move more of their IT infrastructure to the cloud, they’re faced with many security challenges. Privileged Access Management should be top of mind, but extending an incumbent PAM can be challenging. This session will explore Zero Trust Privilege as the modern approach to PAM in a hybrid cloud world.

Moving to the cloud - It’s not for Wimps

Presented by Michael Gangler, Secure-24

Every Cloud migration project has its share of unique challenges. With the demands of the business to experience as little downtime as possible, a migration can be eased by knowing what mechanisms and tools exist before a project begins. Most Cloud migration projects have tight time frames, large databases, database upgrades and the CLOUD anomalies. As many people have said, moving to the cloud is just leasing someone else’s hardware and this paper will help folks understand what it means to go to the cloud and demonstrate some common errors that may occur when moving databases to cloud provider.

Zero Trust Access: Five Steps to Securing the Extended Enterprise

Presented by Clayton Ballreich, Duo Security

The perimeter-based security approach of the last century is no longer adequate for securing the modern enterprise. Today, organizations must secure a mobile workforce that uses a mix of corporate-owned and personal devices to access cloud-based applications and services, often from outside corporate networks. The zero trust access model delivers security without cumbersome and antiquated technologies. Attend this session to learn how the zero trust access model works, how leading organizations such as Google use this approach to secure access to their critical applications and data, and how you can implement this model in your organization in five logical steps. 

Content—The Overlooked Catalyst for Digital Transformation

Presented by Dan Rainey, Detroit Water & Sewerage Dept & Ray Wijangco, Box

The digitization of content has opened opportunities for enterprises to collaborate internally and drive new experiences for their customers. But outdated architectures are standing in the way of business processes and their evolution in a digital age. Join Dan Rainey & Ray Wijangco as they share how to:

  • Discover new content management possibilities

  • Tackle fragmented content systems and outdated architectures

  • Master change management within an organization

Data Management Sessions

Data Virtualization Enables a Unified, Trusted and Abstracted Layer of All Data for All Consumers

Presented by Greg Goldsmith, TIBCO

As data becomes increasingly distributed across multiple systems, management technologies must change. Access to unified data that is governed, secure, and trusted is one of the toughest barriers to overcome.

Data virtualization technology has adapted to those challenges over the last few years and now provides analysts and applications with easy, yet centrally controlled, access to the widest range of data sources, including enterprise, cloud, device data, and more. It banishes data silos and transforms data from source structures and syntax into business-friendly formats and terminology, and then delivers it to analysts and applications whenever needed.And it intelligently caches slow data sources, like Big Data file systems & cloud applications, so that access and analytics are immediate.

Attend this session to learn how TIBCO Data Virtualization overcomes today’s sophisticated data challenges quickly and cost-effectively, is advancing to meet tomorrow’s opportunities and needs, and helps enterprises like yours prosper in the age of digital disruption.

How Vertica as a Data Platform is driving Digital Transformation

Presented by Marc Heimlich, Vertica

The world’s leading data-driven companies rely on the Vertica Data Analytics platform to power their businesses. Wherever the data resides, on prem, in data lakes, or spread across multiple cloud platforms, Vertica enables enterprises to get the most out of their analytics initiatives with advanced time-series and geospatial analytics, in-database machine learning, data lake integration, user-defined extensions, cloud-optimized architecture, and more. From ride sharing apps and smart agriculture to predictive maintenance and customer analytics, Vertica supports the world’s leading data-driven disruptors in their pursuit of industry and business transformation.

Are your teams starved for data?

Presented by Jeff Kwiatowski, Holland Regional & Joseph Treadwell, TimeXtender

Holland’s business users were starving for the data they needed to make important decisions. Come see how leveraging the Discovery Hub Data Management Platform enabled them to rapidly design & orchestrate cleansed data models ready for reporting and leverage machine learning.

Breaking Down Barriers to Become Data-Driven

Presented by JeffRey Vagg, North American Bancard & Jennifer Kwapis, Snowflake

To stay competitive in today’s environment, organizations must remove the barriers that prevent them from instantly loading, integrating and analyzing all of their data. In this session, we will discuss how Snowflake’s unique cloud-built architecture is changing how organizations approach their data-driven journey and how our customers are getting the highest value from their data and achieving their business goals.


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