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Revolutionizing business through data science and analytics, Alteryx empowers everyone in an organization to experience the thrill of getting to the answer faster. The modern, end-to-end Alteryx analytics platform enables analysts and data scientists alike to discover, share and prep data, perform analysis – statistical, predictive, prescriptive and spatial – and deploy and manage analytic models. Hundreds of thousands of people in enterprises all over the world rely on Alteryx daily to deliver game-changing results. 

The Alteryx experience is self-service, with drag-and-drop visual workflows that allow users to connect, cleanse, and blend data, wherever it’s stored; then analyze and model data in a code-free or code-friendly environment. And Alteryx visualytics allows you to see how data changes across an entire workflow. With Alteryx, deploying, managing, and monitoring analytic models happens in real-time, as organizations quickly and confidently deliver answers faster than they ever thought possible. The Alteryx platform allows organizations to scale and IT to govern, as analytic workflows are automated, shared, and published securely, freeing up time and resources to deliver game-changing business outcomes. 

Alteryx Designer

Repeatable Workflow for Self-Service Data Analytics 

For many analysts in business groups such as marketing, sales, finance, or customer insight, the process to prep, blend and analyze data is slow and painful. It requires different tools and people to gather, cleanse and join data from different sources, more tools to build and publish analytic models, and even more to get it into the hands of business decision makers. Alteryx Designer empowers data analysts by combining data preparation, data blending, and analytics – predictive, statistical and spatial – using the same intuitive user interface.


Prep and Blend Data

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Alteryx takes a different approach by offering data prep and data blending capabilities through an intuitive user interface that is up to 100X faster than traditional approaches. And no programming required.

  • Access all your relevant data

  • Prep and blend all the right data

  • Make the most of spatial or location data

  • Get data ready for predictive analytics


Predictive Analytics 

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Alteryx makes predictive analytics accessible to every analyst by providing a repeatable workflow that delivers the self-service data analytics capabilities required for predictive analytics, along with drag and drop tools to create a model – with no programming required.

  • Use R-based analytics with no coding

  • Validate the results of predictive models

  • Create custom predictive tools or import new models


Spatial Analytics

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Alteryx makes spacial analytics scale by providing a repeatable workflow that includes location data blending and advanced spatial analytics.

  • Access and use all the location data you need

  • Intuitive and advanced spatial analytic tools

  • Output to the mapping and visualization you need

  • Access prepackaged spatial and customer data


Sharing Insights

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Alteryx makes this process quick and easy by integrating reporting and the sharing of analytics into a a repeatable workflow for self-service data analytics.

  • Outputs results to a magnitude of formats

  • Create and schedule pixel perfect reports

  • Fuel your Qlik and Tableau visualizations

  • One click creation of analytic apps for decision makers


Alteryx Server

Scalable Platform to Deploy and Share Analytics 

Alteryx Server accelerates time to analytical insight and empowers analysts and business users across your organization to make better, more informed, data-driven decisions. By providing a scalable platform to deploy and share analytics, teams can collaborate on business-critical decisions — quickly and easily.

Not only does Alteryx Server provide self-service data analytics, it’s IT friendly too. With 24x7 dependability and advanced administration options, you can avoid costly business interruptions and potential security issues. It’s the fastest and easiest way to deploy data intensive analytics across your enterprise with effective and secure collaboration across teams.


Enterprise Scalability 

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Alteryx Server offers multiple ways to scale your enterprise analytics and offload data intensive processes to a scalable, reliable server architecture that delivers faster time-to-insight, better governance, and improved analytic capabilities.

  • Ultimate flexibility and scalability

  • Schedule and automate workflow execution to deliver data whenever and wherever you want

  • Offload data preparation, blending, and analytics to a production-ready environment


Sharing and Collaboration

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Easily create, publish, and share analytic workflows and applications with other analysts across your organization using a private gallery or extend the data directly into other applications using our APIs and macros. And with tools for tracking data lineage and managing changes, you can ensure more effective and secure collaboration.

  • Create, publish, and modify applications enterprise-wide from a single platform

  • Extend Alteryx processes with APIs and macros into internal apps

  • Improve collaboration by working in a secure, centralized repository


Analytic Governance

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When it comes to deploying enterprise self-service data analytics, and managing multiple teams collaborating together, you want to ensure you’re doing everything to reduce risk and downtime. With Alteryx, you are enabling centralized analytic workflow development and management that doesn’t break existing IT governance controls.

  • IT tools for centralized administration and monitoring

  • Ensure highly available workflows and data

  • Secure and governed

Download this new whitepaper to see how Alteryx Server enables you automate, share and protect your data!

Alteryx Connect

Collaborative Data Exploration Platform 

Alteryx Connect changes how analysts discover, prioritize, and analyze all relevant information in their organization. It is the beginning of a thrilling analytic experience that combines the power of data cataloging with human insight, and empowers analysts to quickly and easily find, manage, understand, and collaborate on the information that resides in their organization. Now, analysts can accelerate the end-to-end analytic process to dramatically improve analytic productivity and information governance, thus generating better business decisions for all.


Find Information 

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Alteryx Connect is the guide to all of the information assets in your organization that, if used wisely, can unlock your competitive advantage.

  • Utilize your organization's tribal knowledge

  • Investigate everything in the analytic process

  • Find trustworthy, vetted, and curated information


Amplify Insights

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Alteryx Connect enables you and the teams you support to connect to relevant data assets quickly, and explore the data to gain context, so everyone clearly understands data lineage, quality, and certifications.

  • Establish an organizational standard for information

  • Share trusted information assets

  • Direct co-workers to the best information sources


Improve Business Results 

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The Alteryx platform is the only place to get data cataloging combined with best-in-class data preparation and advanced analytics so you can focus on the task at hand, not moving data from one tool to another.

  • Expand the power of Alteryx Server

  • Gather information from Alteryx workflows

  • Put the thrill back into problem solving

Alteryx Promote

Data Science Production Model 

Alteryx Promote provides end-to-end data science system for developing, deploying and managing predictive models and real-time decision APIs. It allows data scientists and analytics teams to build, manage and deploy predictive models to production faster — and more reliably — without writing any custom deployment code.



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Alteryx Promote makes deploying a predictive model easy with the click of a button regardless of your skillset.

  • Flexibility for Data Scientists and Business Analysts

  • Embed Models with Ease

  • Real-time or Batch



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Alteryx Promote allows users to evaluate and test models to ensure that once models are put into production they deliver the best performance and impact on the business.

  • Model Versioning

  • Unit Testing



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Alteryx Promote lets users monitor the performance and health of their production based models to ensure the effectiveness of the models.

  • Model Performance

  • System Health Overview


Alteryx INSPIRE 2019

You’ve disrupted the status quo, dissolved data conventions and altered everything we knew about analytics. This year, it’s time to put your groundbreaking insights on the main stage at our annual user conference. Join Alteryx for their global user conference for customer use case sessions, a solution center, Alteryx ACE track, and inspiring keynotes.

Save the Date | June 10 - 14, 2019

Alteryx INSPIRE will be held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center from June 10-14, 2019. Hope to see you there!

WIT's Qlik developers and BI consultants attend INSPIRE each year to learn more about Alteryx's latest innovations and to get some valuable hands-on technical training. Read our blog to learn more about their experience at the conference! 

Alteryx Customer Case Studies

WIT has been an Alteryx partner since 2015 and has experience with a variety of implementations. Alteryx compliments other BI tools like Qlik and Tableau to help prepare the data for analysis. Learn more some of our work through the case study below. 

Michigan Health and Hospital Association Improves Data Integration and Reporting Efficiency

MHA deployed Alteryx together with WIT's implementation services, dramatically reducing the reporting cycle from 160 man hours to less than 30 minutes. 


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