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WIT’s specialization in the automotive industry for both automotive manufacturers (also known as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)), as well as Tier 1, and Tier N suppliers. WIT’s analytics experience includes dashboards for sales and marketing, purchasing, finance, HR, engineering, and plant/shop floor. Across our scope, WIT has experience extracting data from SAP, QAD, Infor, Oracle, E-Business, PeopleSoft, and many other third party systems relevant in the automotive manufacturing industry. 


Due to the competitive nature of the industry, auto suppliers, manufacturers and automotive companies are required to design and maintain nimble business processes that are highly receptive to change and disruption. These large, global automotive companies often have decentralized business units and multiple data sources, including legacy systems. Data from these disparate systems are often buried in complex systems making it difficult to produce valuable reports and meaningful insights. This lack of enterprise level reporting leaves unanswered questions and provides limited opportunity to make data-driven decisions. 


Key Areas of Analytics and Measurement


TI Automotive Implements World-Class Analytics to Optimize Enterprise Product Change Management Processes

Multiple QlikView dashboards were developed to pinpoint the catalysts of change across the global organization

Ford Motor Company Implements Executive Dashboards To Visualize Key Sales Performance Indicators

Consolidated executive sales dashboard in SAP Business Objects to identify brand performance and key performance indicators