Great Lakes Business Intelligence & Big Data Summit - 2016

The Great Lakes Business Intelligence & Big Data Summit was held on March 24, 2016 at The Somerset in Troy. It was a successful event that brought over 300 IT and BI professionals together for one day to exchange innovative ideas, network and glean some insights from real-life case studies.

We had great speakers who joined us to discuss the new advances of big data in healthcare, how the automotive industry is using analytics to increase brand loyalty, and other topics like data lakes, data governance, and machine learning.  

Check out some of the valuable materials from this event! 

Leo Barella, BCBSM 

big data applications in healthcare

Leo gave examples of how data volume, velocity and variety is transforming the “art” of a doctor to the science of care. He describe how the use of machine learning and massive amount of data will drive the new Consumer Drive healthcare movement. 

Nolen Akerman & Keith Wikle, Kellogg

multi-speed it: An approach for operationalizing data visualization

Akerman and Wikle discussed a proposed hybrid methodology for combining agile rapid prototyping techniques with traditional waterfall approaches to deploy enterprise level data visualizations.

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