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Big Squid is focused on bringing the power of machine learning and AI to business decision makers & unlocking the hidden value of a company's data. Big Squid's Kraken platform automates the machine learning model deployment process, while leveraging existing analytics teams and technology. This platform automates key steps, and builds a platform for collaboration between the technology and business teams.

See what benefits machine learning can bring to your company. Big Squid MLKits are single use-case Qlik Sense apps which can add useful predictions to your decision making and workflow. MLKits make it easy for people to use machine learning without having a data science background by removing the uncertainty and complexity involved. MLKits solutions include use cases for the following;

  • Repurchase propensity

  • Customer retention

  • Sales forecast

  • Employee retention

  • Lead scoring

  • Subscription services

  • and more


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