2019 Great Lakes BI Summit Agenda 

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2019 Agenda

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Hands-On Workshops

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A 90-minute hands-on session that provides attendees with an opportunity to touch and feel the latest business analytics tools. In these hands-on sessions, you will walk through a guided use-case of the tool or platform being presented.

If you are interested in attending a workshop session, registration for specific workshop sessions is REQUIRED. Space is limited, but a wait-list is available. The wait-list will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis the day of the conference. 



Morning Workshop Sessions 10:30 am - 12:15 pm


Alteryx Workshop

Hosted by Albert Pardilla, Solutions Consultant at Alteryx

We invite you to join Alteryx experts for this hands-on workshop where you will see first-hand how the Alteryx Analytics Platform allows data scientists and citizen users alike to break the barriers to insight by eliminating manual and mundane data prep and blending processes.

Why should you attend?

Our analytic experts will show you how our drag-and-drop platform can address your data challenges in a matter of minutes, code free or code friendly, leaving you more time to ask additional questions and gain greater insights into your business. Reserve your spot for our 90-minute session and learn how you can take advantage of the Alteryx Analytics Platform to:

  • Connect and cleanse data from the various sources of your enterprise

  • Prep and Blend your data in an easy to use, repeatable workflow

  • Build predictive models in a code free and code-friendly environment

  • Operationalize your workflows and models to the enterprise

Attendees should have:

  • Basic understanding of data preparation with basic tools like Excel and Access

  • No coding experience required

Attendees are required to bring your laptop to the Workshop and download the free 14-day Trial of Alteryx Designer prior to attending. You can download the Alteryx Trial here.



Qlik Workshop

Hosted by: Jim Smith, Sales Enablement Manager at Qlik  

Join us for a crash course workshop in Qlik Sense and experience first-hand how you can build visualizations seamlessly from multiple data sources to quickly see how Qlik Sense automatically relates data for the fasted time to insight in this space.

Why you should attend?

This 90-minute interactive workshop is designed for anyone looking to learn more about Qlik’s unique features and how to maximize this data discovery platform. Qlik's associative engine lets you see answers to questions you didn't ask, spotlights data quality issues immediately, and makes exploring your data FUN!

Attendees should have:

  • Basic understanding of data visualization, reporting, and analytics

Attendees are required to bring their personal laptop with current version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. No software installation is required and internet connectivity will be provided. 


Afternoon Workshop Sessions 1:30 pm - 3:15 pm


Informatica Workshop

Hosted by: Austion Woolfolk - Sr. Solution Lead at Informatica

Join us as we delve into the world of Next Generation Analytics that is helping to transform many of the world’s largest companies. During this Hands-On Workshop you will learn about collaborative AI-driven self-service big data discovery and preparation solution with Informatica Enterprise Data Lake, to help accelerate your BI initiatives.

Why you should attend?

During this unique 90-minute instructor led session you will get hands-on experience using Informatica’s new collaborative self-service discovery platform where you will learn how a data catalog can help your organization take inventory of all data assets across your enterprise and help you democratize data with the right balance of governance and flexibility.

Attendees should have:

  • Basic understanding of emerging technology such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Spark, Kafka, Redshift, Elasticsearch recommended

  • High-level understanding of future data architecture

Attendees are required to bring their personal laptop that can Remote desktop into a Windows machine running on Amazon Cloud. Internet connectivity will be provided. No software installation is required on your laptop.


Datarobot Workshop:

Hosted by Nathan Patrick Taylor, Custom Facing Data Scientist at DataRobot

You’re invited to a hands-on workshop demonstrating the use of DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform.  In your journey with DataRobot, you’ll be shown how the platform protects your from making rookie mistakes and empowers you to create and deploy machine learning models of your own.  

Why should you attend?

No formal data science training is needed!  If you have been waiting to explore machine learning or step up your game when it come to predictive analytics, now is your opportunity to use DataRobot to dive right in.  

Attendees should have:

  • A desire to learn more about predictive analytics

  • No coding experience or data science training is required

Attendees are required to bring your laptop to the Workshop and sign up for the DataRobot Test Drive, a free 15-day Trial of the DataRobot platform prior to attending.

Case Study Sessions

From Data to Decision - Meritor's Analytics Journey

Presented by Khuzema Tikiwala, Meritor

As true with any other manufacturing company, Meritor also spends lot of time in collecting the data but very little time to use the data for meaningful insights and decision making. This journey is about reversing that trend and give business the data insights which help them in making better and informed decision. This session is about how Meritor’s analytics journey started and what the road blocks were on the way and how we overcame those. We will talk about how we are using agile methodology to deliver quick data insights. We also talk about how we are going to empower our business users to make them self-sufficient in their data needs.

Capturing the Value from the Data & Analytics

Presented by Monica Kedzierski, BorgWarner

The objective of Data & Analytics leaders evolved from that of data governance, quality and risk mitigation to one responsible for delivering tangible value for the business. To prove the value of the data and analytics organization, there needs to be a standard measure of success. In this session, attendees will see how Data & Analytics group has measured the value of their initiatives and transformed their office into a value creator.

Warehouse Analytics for the Supply Chain

Presented by Joe Beydoun, Lipari Foods

In this session, Joe will discuss the different tools and technologies to deliver rich content at the right time to the right people who will help drive decisions in your Supply Chain. With the ever-increasing data collection technologies, there is a critical need to create easy to use visualizations to pinpoint inefficiencies. This presentation will also cover the different platforms to deliver content to users.

Using Data to Drive a Data Driven City

Presented by Collin Boyce, City of Lansing

The City of Lansing will be sharing our experience with data analytics and its application within the City of Lansing and the approach used to provide statistical analysis on City data with regard to Law Enforcement, Fire Safety, Code Enforcement, Neighborhood Development, and Public Service. This solution increased reporting efficiency, reduced cost, and created new levels of transparency within the city.  

Robert Gerth (Data Analyst for the City of Lansing) and Collin Boyce (Chief Information Officer) will share how the city of Lansing utilized partnerships with Qlik, TimeXtender (data warehouse automation), SSRS and smart-sourcing professional assistance to build a unique ecosystem.  This platform provided insights and cross synergies of the city data. We will also discuss our roadmap to integrate real-time analytics, predictive modeling and premium data access into the Business Intelligence Architecture.

Accelerate IT Modernization with Azure and Informatica

Presented by Ravi Ginjupalli, Kelly Services & Rik Tamm-Daniels, Informatica

Many organizations look to move or extend their existing on-premises investments and data workloads to cloud platforms like Azure. Join this session to learn how you can build an innovative big data and analytics architecture that will help delivering and supporting the changing business needs. Leverage Informatica and Microsoft Azure, to accelerate analytics and deliver actionable insights to all business units for analytical and operational services.

Giving BI a Fresh Start - Building a SaaS Data Warehouse from Scratch

Presented by Chris James, Duo Security

Amid Duo Security's rapid growth and success forward looking leaders saw future demand for a scalable data warehouse. The solution had to be in the cloud and support a company know to triple in size from year to year. Hear how Duo is leveraging their data warehouse powered by Snowflake to scale from startup to enterprise.

Vendor Demo Sessions

Building a More Intelligent Enterprise

Presented by Tommy O’Connell, MicroStrategy

The intelligent enterprise is the ultimate data-driven organization. It harnesses traditionally counteractive forces – agility and governance, convenience and security, ease of use and enterprise functionality – to go beyond business intelligence and deliver transformative insights to every user, constituent and partner. Organizations that build this intelligent edge over competitors will be the dominant force of tomorrow. In this session, you’ll hear:

  • How to help your organization become a more intelligent enterprise

  • Best practices to build data analytics throughout the organization

  • Ecosystem solutions to help manage data securely but remain agile

From Big Data to fast, interactive data using OmniSci

Presented by Annette Jonker, OmniSci

The OmniSci platform is designed to overcome the scalability and performance limitations of legacy analytics tools faced with the scale, velocity and location attributes of today’s big datasets. Those tools are collapsing, becoming too slow and too hardware-intensive to be effective in big data analytics. OmniSci is a breakthrough technology, originating from MIT, designed to leverage the massively parallel processing of GPUs alongside traditional CPU compute, for extraordinary performance at scale.

During this presentation we’ll demonstrate how OmniSci can be leveraged by business users, analysts and data scientist to understand their data and find actionable insights.

  • Find insights in billion record datasets in milliseconds

  • Speed up your standard BI tools in order to find more insights faster

  • Use Spatiotemporal data in order to identify trends

  • Speed up data science use cases with OmniSci’s massively parallel database

Getting Mongo DB to speak SQL

Presented by Austin Zellner, Mongo DB

While MongoDB is a document database with it's own language (MQL and the Aggregation Pipeline), through their BI Connector and MongoDB ODBC driver, MongoDB can be fed SQL statements for reporting and data extraction purposes.  The value is that organizations can get all the plusses of speed, reliability, and productivity that MongoDB provides, while not disrupting their existing reporting infrastructure.  In this presentation, we will see how to leverage the BI Connector and ODBC driver to extract data to Excel, as well as tools that aid in the asking of more complicated questions of your data (specifically Compass, MongoDB Charts, and the Aggregation Pipeline).

Using AI and Data Literacy to Power Analytics with Qlik

Presented by Lindsey Turcotte, Qlik

Join Qlik to learn how we bring augmented intelligence and democratize data to drive data literacy and power analytics in your organization. We will dive into Qlik’s latest additions to our product suite – Insights Bot and Qlik Data Catalyst. Learn how to bring your end users a faster and easier way to ask questions, generate insights, and make data driven decisions using natural language with the new Insights Bot. This AI powered, conversational experience bridges the gap between conversational and visual analytics, driving data literacy, adoption and value from your data. Learn how to prepare and deliver analytics ready data to all users in your organization with Qlik Data Catalyst. Our new enterprise grade data management solution revolutionizes how teams onboard, catalog, prepare and deliver business ready data to consumers across the enterprise. Finally, see it all come together in Qlik with our new Cognitive Engine, generating smart insights for users across your entire organization.