Michigan Health and Hospital Association Improves Data Integration And Reporting Efficiency

The solution delivered by WIT has enabled our analysts to spend more time providing value-added insights about the data by automating our data processing and reporting process that was once tedious and inefficient
— Jim Lee, Michigan Health & Hospital Association


The Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA) is the statewide leader representing all community hospitals in Michigan. MHA Keystone Center has been one of the unique organizations leading the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Engagement Network effort to identify and reduce the rate of inpatient infections. Keystone Center collects data, including National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) data from facilities across Michigan.


MHA’s primary target for efficiency improvement was the task of collecting, processing, analyzing and reporting NHSN data back to member hospitals and CMS. Working together with experienced Business Intelligence consultants from WIT, MHA devised and deployed an automated process of consolidating, cleansing and preparing NHSN data for reporting using a world-class data blending software, called Alteryx.


Now, all of the NHSN data is processed using automated workflows with built-in business rules for verifying and managing the data and creating the reports for the CMS. What once took the MHA analysts over 160 resource hours per month to complete, is now a 30 second automated process. The MHA analysts now spend their time providing valuable insights on the data rather than manually processing raw data.



MHA deployed Alteryx, a data blending program together with WIT’s implementation services, dramatically reducing the reporting cycle from two full time analysts working for two weeks down to under one minute.




NHSN Data for CMS Reporting and Clinical Quality Improvement




•Reduce the time to report out monthly NHSN data results

•Improve the integrity of the data being reported

•Automate the process of normalizing data and preparing the reports for CMS 


•Efficiencyin data preparation allows analyst to use the complete data se collected throughout the entire month

•Automation has returned 160+ hours per month back to MHA analysts to focus more time on providing their value added analysis

•Defined business rules in Alteryx create replicability and efficiency in other processes within MHA