2018 Great Lakes BI Summit Agenda 

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Hands-On Workshops

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New in 2018, we are offering 90-minute hands-on workshop sessions that provide real-life experience solving a hypothetical business problem using the latest business analytics tools. 

If you are interested in attending a workshop session, registration for specific workshop sessions is REQUIRED and is first-come, first-served. Space is limited, but a wait-list is available. The wait-list will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis the day of the conference. 



Morning Workshop Sessions: 10:30 am - 12:15 pm 


Informatica Workshop

Hosted by: Alejandro Moreno, Digital Transformation Architect at Informatica

Join us as we delve into the world of Next Generation Analytics that is helping to transform many of the world’s largest companies. This will be an overview of architecture and strategy followed by a hands on workshop of some exciting new areas of Informatica’s AI-powered Intelligent Data Platform to help you gain key insights and help accelerate your BI initiatives.

Why you should attend?

During this unique 90-minute instructor led session you will get hands-on experience using Informatica’s new collaborative self-service discovery platform where you will learn how a data catalog can help your organization take inventory of all data assets across your enterprise and help you democratize data with the right balance of governance and flexibility.

Attendees should have:

  • Basic understanding of emerging technology such as Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive, Spark, Kafka, Redshift, Elasticsearch recommended

  • High-level understanding of future data architecture

Attendees are required to bring their personal laptop that can Remote desktop into a Windows machine running on Amazon Cloud. Internet connectivity will be provided. No software installation is required on your laptop.



Qlik Workshop

Hosted by: Jim Smith, Sales Enablement Manager at Qlik  

Join us for a crash course workshop in Qlik Sense and experience first-hand how you can build visualizations seamlessly from multiple data sources to quickly see how Qlik Sense automatically relates data for the fasted time to insight in this space.

Why you should attend?

This 90-minute interactive workshop is designed for anyone looking to learn more about Qlik’s unique features and how to maximize this data discovery platform. Qlik's associative engine lets you see answers to questions you didn't ask, spotlights data quality issues immediately, and makes exploring your data FUN!

Attendees should have:

  • Basic understanding of data visualization, reporting, and analytics

Attendees are required to bring their personal laptop with current version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. No software installation is required and internet connectivity will be provided. 


Afternoon Workshop Sessions: 1:30 pm - 3:15 pm


Alteryx Workshop

Hosted by Albert Pardilla, Solutions Consultant at Alteryx

We invite you to join Alteryx experts for this hands-on workshop where you will see first-hand how the Alteryx Analytics Platform allows data scientists and citizen users alike to break the barriers to insight by eliminating manual and mundane data prep and blending processes.

Why should you attend?

Our analytic experts will show you how our drag-and-drop platform can address your data challenges in a matter of minutes, code free or code friendly, leaving you more time to ask additional questions and gain greater insights into your business. Reserve your spot for our 90-minute session and learn how you can take advantage of the Alteryx Analytics Platform to:

  • Connect and cleanse data from the various sources of your enterprise

  • Prep and Blend your data in an easy to use, repeatable workflow

  • Build predictive models in a code free and code-friendly environment

  • Operationalize your workflows and models to the enterprise

Attendees should have:

  • Basic understanding of data preparation with basic tools like Excel and Access

  • No coding experience required

Attendees are required to bring your laptop to the Workshop and download the free 14-day Trial of Alteryx Designer prior to attending. You can download the Alteryx Trial here.



Tableau Workshop:

Hosted by Kevin Immink, Sales Consultant at Tableau

Join us for our “Intro to Tableau” hands-on workshop to learn the ins and outs of Tableau’s analytics capabilities, and leave knowing how to drag and drop your way to visualizations that will help you answer your business questions.

Why you should attend?

This workshop is geared for any Business or IT professionals who have always wanted to get hands-on with Tableau but never had the chance. There are no pre-requisites or skills required to participate, just bring your laptop and we will provide an online portal, sample business data, and, of course an internet connection. Tableau will provide an overview of the platform, a brief tutorial of the interface, and a series of hands-on examples during the workshop. The exercises will showcase the power of visual analytics in real world scenarios and provide a jumping-off point to evaluate Tableau Desktop for your business case.

Attendees should have:

  • Little or no prior Tableau experience; this session is an introduction to the product

Attendees are required to bring their personal laptop with current version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. No software installation is required and internet connectivity will be provided. 

Case Study Sessions

Amway’s First IoT Product: Sky Air Treatment System: Presented by Alex Tweedy & Chris Ruiter, Amway

Amway initially set out years ago to build their next generation air treatment system. After assessing the market, they determined that in order to be competitive with the top products, the system needed to be connected. This led to several quick proofs-of-concept that were able to show value to the business & allowed Amway’s first Internet connected product to be built. From there, Amway began designing & building their next-generation platform & partnered with AWS to develop new IoT device registration & security features & functionality.

Amway has already realized several enterprise benefits of IoT data. They enhanced their customer service by remotely identifying a filter antenna issue in the field that affected a small number of users & proactively reached out to resolve the issue. As the platform evolves, it will continue to provide additional value to our customers that will increase sales, simplify the registration process & streamline our operation.

Successful Data Management - It’s About Storytelling: Presented by Steve Brennan, Carhartt

In an era where “big data” has become household lingo, it’s important as data management professionals we don’t just get caught up in the buzz words or ride the wave for the sake of the wave, but can speak to the value a capability provides and methodically apply it, even when it’s not the most exciting aspect of data management. Steve will share some of his recent successes in driving change and focus on an all-encompassing data management strategy at Carhartt, which includes advanced analytics, governance, and master data management.

Generating Business Value from Your Analytics – Establishing an Analytics Practice: Presented by Sarah Green, CMS Energy

Is your team interested in beginning to explore the world of data and analytics? Do you have access to lots of data and information but are unsure of the best/easiest way to begin to gather actionable insights from it? If so, this is the session for you. You will hear one manager’s story of how they stood up an analytics practice from scratch in less than a year’s time, including the challenges they faced, lessons learned, tools and technologies used, and most importantly, the business value that was generated.

Turbocharging IT and Business productivity with AI-Driven Data Management For Self-Service Analytics: Presented by Murthy Mathiprakasam, Informatica

Organizations want to be more data-driven, but it’s easier said than done. Business analysts, data scientists and engineers are held back from delivering useful insights, because they are forced to manually find and reconcile siloed and inconsistent data across the organization. End user analytics ends up filled with inaccuracies stemming from data that is incomplete, inconsistent, and insecure. With growing volumes and variety of data, a labor-intensive approach to data management simply does not scale. In this session, Murthy Mathiprakasam and an Executive from a top OEM will share their expertise and unique perspectives on implementing an integrated AI-driven data management platform that systematically finds any data, discover data relationships that matter, quickly prepares and shares the right data with the right people at the right time. Join us to learn how you can get more trusted business insights from more data without more risk.


Fishing with AHI - The Analytic for Hemodynamic Instability using data science and streaming analytics: Presented by Ashwin Belle, University of Michigan

In this adventurous talk you will hear about the big data platform the University of Michigan has built to capture data from 175 ICU beds and turn that data into a predictive analytic that shows if patients are truly stable or trending toward instability - hours before vital signs or visible signs of decompensation are present.

The Psychology of Data Visualization: Cognition, Perception & Persuasion: Presented by Jennifer Horne, iDashboards

Communicating complex data is crucial to making business decisions, and there’s no better tool than visualizing that data. Why, though, are data stories best communicated by visuals? And how can we ensure we’re communicating clearly and effectively, even to non-data people? We’ll take a primer in cognitive psychology and the science of perception to better understand why dashboards and data visualizations are critical to today’s big data environment, and what principles we can employ to create more effective and impactful data visualizations.


Don’t Sweep Messy Data Under the Rug with Great Viz: Presented by Michelle Vercellio, IMA Financial

You’ve built a beautiful dashboard, understand meaningful KPIs, and have the executive team eating from your hand with enticing data visualization. It’s a great start; but does the underlying manual integration work, copies of data, and weaker-than-you-would like SLAs keep you up at night?

Michelle Vercellino, Chief Information Officer from IMA Financial will discuss how her organization pulled together 96 loose applications and legacy systems to support the business with a meaningful master data and governance framework that has paid big dividends. Michelle will discuss why master data is the missing link in most decision management systems. She will also share her scorecard to effectively discern among data management platform capabilities. Finally, she will talk about lessons learned and best practices on the way to building an optimized data infrastructure with a reliable golden record at IMA.