Population Health Management 

The concept of Population Health is gaining wide traction in the marketplace as a viable method to bend the cost curve. But what is Population Health? Despite the singular focus many organizations have on Population Health, there are variations in the definition.


Some of the core guiding principles include:

  • A team based approach to healthcare  
  • Focus on improvement in the processes and care  
  • Measurement of effectiveness across the patient population
  • Focus on prevention as an investment in long term cost reduction, often uneconomic in the short term
  • Proactive intervention for top sources of cost, and not always a medical intervention.



Hospitals are in the midst of a dramatic change in how reimbursement is provided for patient care. Now more than ever, data drives decision-making:

  • Data everywhere: EMR, financial, operational systems without ability to combine for insight
  • Analytics need is always right now: questions arise continuously, pace of care increasing
  • No way to easily discover trends and opportunities without pre-defining fixed analytical pathways



WIT can demonstrate solutions developed by the technology and the Healthcare community built to address capabilities related to this key operational need. The solution empowers users to make faster and better informed decisions by allowing them to:


  • View and analyze data from disparate sources securely on desktop and mobile devices for greater insights and better informed decision-making on the go
  • Plot admission trends dynamically on maps in near real-time for better informed action and intervention strategies to reduce readmissions or emergency department “frequent flyers”.
  • Create ‘what-if’ scenarios for better forecasting of future trends



Tracking key indicators related to population health and re-admissions provides the insight needed to understand how costs are generated and the impact on profit margins.

Understanding where to start with your discovery journey can be an obstacle for some organizations, but the solution will allow you to ask and answer important clinical and operational questions:

  • How is the overall health of my population of patients?
  • What ICD9 and ICD10 codes are most closely correlated with high levels of readmission or ED visits?
  • Which physicians have the highest readmission rates and what is the margin impact?


Business Discovery

QlikView offers Business Discovery capabilities that unlock the power of information for customer segmentation

The associative experience: Allows non-technical users to explore by making selections and getting instant feedback on what data is associated and what is unrelated

  • Global search: Offers keyword search across entire data set, to pinpoint the ‘needle in the haystack’ for customer segmentation
  • Data visualization: Provides summarized data and key customer KPIs in charts and graphs
  • What-if analysis: Allows users to test customer and product scenarios
  • Collaboration & annotation: Improves group decisions between cost centers, managers, and users