Meeting Consumer Demands

WIT specialization in products includes both consumer and industrial products with analytics experience creating custom dashboards for sales and marketing, purchasing, finance, HR, logistics & distribution, and engineering.


Today, global product manufacturers and retailers need to be consumer focused, and demand has a tendency to fluctuate rapidly. Consequently, manufacturing success is closely related to time-to-market and new product generation. The success and profitability of any organization in this industry is heavily dependent on how effective these companies are at addressing the changing demands of consumers. Additionally, complex global supply chains are highly susceptible to disruptions, from global cost variation, market forces, acts of nature, or new and emerging technologies. In order provide actionable insights in real-time, companies in this industry need to improve visibility into their global supply chain and consumer trends data to keep a competitive edge in this global market.

Haworth optimizes product delivery with improved insights from Qlik

Haworth deployed QlikView to delivery managers, redefining business metrics with real-time data