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TimeXtender inspires quality business decisions with data, mind and heart. Because time matters. With Discovery Hub® by TimeXtender you achieve clarity sooner, make quality decisions faster and simplify your journey to compliance. Discovery Hub® creates an integrated platform by leveraging the power of automation to provide easy and agile access to well-governed and securely stored data. It allows for both speed and agility while delivering results faster and more affordably than other solutions. Business users get actionable insights, simplify the compliance journey and make quality decisions in less time. TimeXtender serves its customers, including Fortune 500, large-sized enterprises and mid-sized companies, through a global network of partners.

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Discovery Hub®

Discovery Hub® is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that lets you easily merge data from a wide variety of data sources into a single version of the truth. It also allows automation to model data so that line of business users can easily understand the data.

Using Discovery Hub®, business users, BI and IT developers can collaborate on an agile, fully integrated information platform that supports iterative workflows to quickly create reports and dashboards. This lets business leaders make quality business decisions without impacting the core systems of the business.


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